Competitions & Events

MARCH 2018



On Thursday 8th March we fielded a 50 strong team to compete in the South Northants and Daventry Cross Country Competition. It took place at Daventry Sports Park and it was cold, wet and muddy, but this did not dampen the children’s spirts who were all very excited.

There were a total of eight competitive races and the children were very patient waiting for their opportunity to run. In all the children were very well behaved throughout the whole afternoon, representing our school wonderfully well. They were fantastic at supporting their team mates and cheering the other competitors along.

All of our children ran fantastically well and managed to complete their races. We had a few of our runners just finish outside of the medal places. However, with the great consistency of our runners managing to place so well, we managed to finish 2nd overall in the team event. There were a total of seventeen other schools taking part, so this is a truly brilliant team performance.

Well done to all of runners who never gave up and did their part for the team. Superb badgers!

A big thank to all of the parents who kept encouraging all of our runners and helping out. Thank you!

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Monday 5th was an extremely busy sporting day for the school. In the afternoon four of our Year 5 and 6 girls took part in a Gymnastics cluster competition at Lings Forum. For many of the girls it was their first competition, but they battled their nerves and competed in three rotations, which comprised of floor, vault and body management routines.

The girls did fantastically well and should be very proud of themselves to have remembered and performed all their routines with the added stress of everyone watching. Moulton finished a very respectful third out of all seven teams that competed.

Well done to our team. Hebe, Kenadi, Alesia and Hannah.

big thank you to Mrs Martina the girl’s gymnastics coach at the school, who gave up her time to give additional coaching to the girls, provide the team with matching leotards and for being at the competition to support them. 

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After school on the same day, 34 of our Key Stage 2 children took part in a Hockey festival run by Saints Hockey club at Moulton College. We managed to put out 7 teams that competed against 3 other schools. It is great to see both first time players getting involved and embracing the friendly nature of the sport. Despite the bitter cold, the children had a great time and had a mixture of success for all of the teams. It was great to see our players shaking the hands of their opponents whether they won, drew or lost a game.

Well done to all the children that took part and a thank you to all the parents that supported the events.

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On Monday after school, a 21 strong squad of Year 5 and 6 children competed in an indoor athletics competition at Moulton School. The children participated in a range of track and field events, where they gained points to the position they finished. The children took part in new events they had never tried before such as the vertical jump and a 6 lap paarlauf relay race.

Well done to all the children for having the courage to try a range of new activities and supporting each other in all the events. We finished a respectable fourth out of eight teams, but most importantly we had a lot of fun.

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Last week saw our Year 6 girls play their first competitive match.  We took to the road and went along to Pitsford School on Wednesday night with a squad of twelve girls. The girls were very nervous, but soon found their feet and started to give the hosts a great game.  Even though we lost 6 -3 the girls showed that they could compete against a more experienced team.  The girls should be very proud of themselves for both their performance on the court, but also for the way they encouraged each other and their positive attitude to the experience.

Well done girls!

A big thank you for all the parents that have given up their time to help coach the children and came along to help out aswell.

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We have had a busy couple of weeks for sports.  We have had children attending KS2 Hockey festivals at Moulton College and a Year 5 and 6 football festival at Moulton School.  It gave many children the opportunity to participate in a competition and experience competitive games against other schools.

Our children did themselves and our school proud both on and off the pitch.  The children were very supportive of each other and organised themselves, taking turns as substitute and cheering their team mates on. 

In all of the festivals we won, lost and draw games but always took the time to shake the opposition’s hands.  We may not have won any of the competition, but had teams finish second and third in the festivals.  Most importantly the children had lots of fun and gained some new experiences.

A big well done to everyone who took part and thank you to those that helped out and came along to support our children.




Year 3 and 4 Hockey Festival

After school on Friday, a team of Year 3 and a team of Year 4 children competed in a hockey festival at the high school.  It was the first time for many of our children to play competitively, but they were all looking forward to the challenge.

The Year 4 team organised themselves well, deciding how to fairly ensure that everyone had an even amount of time on the pitch. They had many tight games and ended up winning 4, drawing 1 and losing 2 games.

The Year 3’s were not daunted at the prospect of playing a lot of teams consisting of Year 4 children.  After a few earlier loses they soon found their feet, growing in confidence and ended with back to back wins, finishing with winning 2,  drawing 1 and losing 2 games.

I was really impressed with the Year 3 team as they told the umpire that one of their goals should not be counted as they were outside the scoring zone.  This meant that we only drew the game, so it is great to see that our children realise the importance of playing by the rules and not winning at all costs.  The children should be very proud of themselves. 

Well done to all our players that behaved and conducted themselves fantastically, and to all the parents that came along and supported our teams.

Our Squad

Shyla, Jessica, Summer-Mae, Alex, Freddie and Noah

Isabel, Amelia, Joshua, Lennon and Keegan.


Third Place For Our Cross Country Team

On Wednesday afternoon, 42 of our children ranging from Years 3 to 6 competed in a cross country competition at the Daventry Sport Park.  The children had to brave the elements, as the afternoon’s weather threw rain, sleet, hail,  a bitter cold wind, all mixed in with the occasionally sunny spell.  However, this did not deter them and our runners showed great effort and determination to complete their races through the ever changing conditions.

The children represented the school really well and were rewarded for their hard work, securing third place overall out of the 22 teams competing.

A massive well done to the whole team and a big thank you to all the parents that helped and supported our team.

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Sports Hall Athletics

On the 17.1 17 some of our Year 5 and 6 children took part in an indoor athletics competition at the Moulton School.  They competed over a range of track and field disciplines including events such as the standing triple jump and a hurdles race.

Our children had a great time, giving their all and supporting and encouraging each other brilliantly.  This definitely helped us secure third place overall.  Well done to our super team.

The Moulton Athletics team

Chloe, Tilly, Amelia, Ilanna, Lily, Hannah, Delissa, Summer, Lucy, Maddison, Alfie, Parshav, Bailey, Cian, Finn, William, Oliver, Jake and Ethan. 


Year 5 and 6 Girls Football Competition 8.11.16

Last Tuesday some of our Year 5 and 6 girls took part in the South Northants and Daventry Schools football competition at Mouton College.

I was really impressed at how competitive our girls were and the positive attitude they had towards each other.  We only lost one of our 4 games in the pool matches, which was a narrow 2-1 defeat, but won all the others comfortably. However, this meant we could only progress in to a final pool to contest 8th, 9th and 10th places.

The team were naturally a little disappointed, but the girls listened and reflected upon the advice from their coach about what they could do to stop conceded certain goals. It was fantastic to see that in their final pool matches the girls implemented these strategies perfectly.  The girls dominated both games and finished 8th overall.

The girls should be so proud of themselves with how they conducted themselves both on and off the pitch. Well done girls and a big thank you to all the staff that helped and the parent that’s came along to support our team.

Our Team

Hannah, Georgia, Amy, Maddison, Isabella, Ilanna, Emily and Deyarna.