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Times Tables

In wishing to support our children as much as we can when it comes to them really knowing their times tables (remember that, from next year, September, 2014, the new National Curriculum expects that all children by the end of Year 4 will be expected to know ALL their times tables up to 12x) regular practise is essential.

In support of the work we carry out in school there are hundreds of websites available which will help children to practise their tables in a fun and interactive way. ‘You tube’ is home to many catchy songs and raps which the children will love and there are numerous apps for iPads and iPods that are a popular way of helping children learn their tables.

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Moulton Cluster Approach To Calculation

This Policy shows how Moulton Primary School teaches the four rules of number - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each section will demonstrate the various stages that our children go through as their learning progresses. If you would like further information or see children explaining how to do each stage, please check out our videos. Links to these videos can be found to the left and bottom of this page.

Moulton Cluster Methods of Calculation Videos