Our aim is to provide a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that will ensure that children develop not only the skills and knowledge that they need for their future lives, but also an enthusiasm for life-long learning. We use the Cornerstones Curriculum which has been written specifically for the 2014 National Curriculum. This provides a structure for us to develop a curriculum bespoke for our children, including:

  • a whole-school learning philosophy that engages children and raises standards
  • a wide range of cross-curricular activities tied to theme and subjects 
  • comprehensive coverage of the new national curriculum programmes of study
  • essential skills for all subjects to help plan and assess children’s progress
  • writing, spoken language and reading at the heart of all learning.

Our expectations for children’s achievement are high. We want them all to achieve well in the core areas of reading, writing, maths and information technology and our curriculum is designed to underpin this. However, we also want them to apply these skills in real life situations which reflect their place in the wider world.  

We believe that one of our most important jobs is to prepare our children to take their place as future citizens of modern Britain. We work hard to help our children develop a sense of self-responsibility, a caring attitude to the environment and to others regardless of race, creed, sex or social class. We plan learning tasks which help them to see their place in the local community and provide opportunities within the curriculum for them to develop their appreciation of our village environment. We help them develop a good awareness of the local environment and the wider world, so that they respect and value their place in it.

For information on key curriculum areas and assessment, see the left-hand side-bar.


Foundation Spelling Workshop 24-11-2015


Foundation Reading Workshop 17-11-2015