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3, 2, 1...LIFT OFF!!!

To conclude our Stargazers topics, Year 5 have this week designed, built and launched space rockets in the skies around Moulton. Using knowledge gained from the topic, they applied skills of aerodynamics and material properties for their rockets. A launch base was setup on the school field, and with air propelled rockets to assist their designs, all rockets were launched. Some were more successful than others (and ‘flew’ further), but all the children enjoyed the opportunity. Another super creative way to demonstrate our learning. 

There are photos below of the models, and three videos of our 'highest flyers'

Rocket science – It’s not that difficult!


Beware of The Plague!

DSC 0107DSC03892

Year 5 had an amazing visit from a professional make-up artist last week called Aimee Garner. She demonstrated some expert make up techniques which the children practised on each other…but the effects were not as you would have expected! 

To conclude the Peasants, Princes and Pestilence topic, the children learnt special effects make up –as if they were suffering form the Bubonic Plague. It was not a pretty sight!  The children thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the make-up and ended up with bruises, buboes and the odd dose of gangrene…it was gruesomely fantastic!

It was a grand finale to a wonderful topic which all the children enjoyed and learnt a great deal from. 

Mrs Moxon and Mr Law


This summer we are looking forward to some exciting learning!

dbpOur themes this term are about Life Cycles and after that, Space.  We aim to visit the Space Centre in Leicester which will be a very enjoyable day which no doubt will be out of this world!  Details will follow soon!
We have already been enjoying learning about the life cycles of amphibians and insects and the children have researched the details very thoroughly.  They also know the main six classes of animals and we have discovered some real experts amongst the children.  Just ask them about the duck billed platypus!