About our Curriculum


Writing forms an integral part of everything we do at Moulton Primary School. It is essential learning that, like reading, underpins virtually every aspect of our curriculum. As a As a result, the development of writing skills forms a key element of our children’s learning journey.

This learning journey will encompass the careful development of our children’s achievement and attainment in:

  • listening and speaking (if you can’t talk, you will never be a successful reader or writer)
  • handwriting (we aim for all children to be writing in cursive script by the time they leave our Year 4)
  • phonic awareness and development
  • the writing of simple sentences leading to ones that include such elements as subordinate clauses
  • the recognition and successful use of all forms of punctuation from basic capital letters and full stops to brackets, colons and exclamation marks
  • the writing of stories, recounts, newspaper articles, letters, instructions, plays and poems
  • grammar recognition and application (nouns, pronouns, verbs and adverbs).