More About The School

Starting In Reception

During the seven years at primary school, the partnership between home and school will be one of the most important for your child. This partnership puts your child at the centre of all we do and we hope that you will work closely with us to give your child the best possible start in life. This crucial relationship begins even before children join us in Reception, and our planning for each new class starts as soon as places have been allocated and we write to new parents to tell them about our transition arrangements.

In the Summer Term, we run a series of pre-school sessions for children that are due to start school in September, giving children, parents and staff a chance to get to know each other.

During these sessions, which take place here at the school, children learn about school organisation and routines, increasing their confidence and readiness for ‘proper school’.

We will also ask parents to attend an Information Meeting here at the school, which is an opportunity to meet the staff and find out more about the transition arrangements. At the meeting, we will share lots of information with you about the induction arrangements and general school life.