More About The School

School Uniform

We believe that uniform plays a big part in achieving high standards of behaviour and achievement. Wearing a uniform helps children to feel part of the school; wearing the same clothes promotes a sense of belonging and shared aims and goals. If children dress the same, it reinforces the idea that we are a community.

It is the policy of the Governing Body that all children are encouraged to wear the school uniform. Our school colours are blue and grey or black.

Our school uniform comprises:

  • Raglan sweatshirt                              Royal Blue
  • V neck sweatshirt                               Royal Blue
  • Polo shirt                                            White or blue
  • Sweatshirt cardigan                            Royal Blue
  • trousers/skirts/pinafore dresses         Grey/black
  • Gingham check dresses                     Blue
  • Fleeces                                               Navy Blue
  • Baseball hat                                        Royal Blue
  • Fisherman Hats                                  Royal Blue