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Welcome to our News in Brief page! Here we will celebrate some of the fantastic activities around our school in words and pictures.

Rainbow Classes

Rainbow Classes

Last Friday, we spent the morning in our Rainbow Classes, where we split into vertical groups across the school. This time, our focus was on our learning animals and, once again, we enjoyed the opportunity to work with lots of different children and adults. Some amazing collaborative work was produced, using a whole range of different materials and art techniques - from some creative little squirrels to a giant spider!

squr class

School Uniform

We would be very grateful if parents would ensure that children are in school uniform until the end of term and this includes appropriate school shoes. We understand that parents may wish to wait until the autumn to purchase expensive school shoes, so would request that other suitable black footwear is worn instead, not brightly coloured trainers. Thank you for your support with this.

Transition 2018

As we enter the final term, I would like to share the transition arrangements for the new school year in September. Making sure that children are confident about moving to their new classes requires careful and detailed planning, which has already begun. At the start of a new school year, children have to cope with a physical move to a new part of the school and get to know different adults and children. This can cause anxiety and have a negative impact on how well they settle in. However, if children and parents are wellprepared this transition will be smooth.

On Wednesday 20th June, the children will be told which class they will be moving to. They will receive a letter from their new class teacher telling them a bit about themselves and what it will be like in the new class. This will be followed by two transition days in their new class: Monday 2nd July and Monday 9th July. This will help the children get to know their new teachers and become more familiar with the classroom and general areas. This should mean that when they return to school in September they feel confident about beginning the new year.

After school on Monday 9th July, parents and carers can come into school for our Open Evening, 3.30pm to 6.00pm. This is a chance to come and see children’s work in their current classes and visit their new class and meet their new teacher. If you have any concerns about how your child will cope with the transition this year, please speak with their class teacher.