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Improving Safety on Church Hill

We have been informed that the Northampton Highways Agency will be implementing changes to parking restrictions for Church Hill to improve safety outside the school. This will involve a single yellow line preventing all parking on the hill before and after school. This will be an enforceable parking restriction that will result in traffic offences for people that do not adhere to the law.

We would like to thank the vast majority of parents that show consideration and care by parking away from the school and walking in. These are just some of the benefits of walking to school:

ü  Promotes awareness of road safety - the walk to school helps children to learn about how to keep themselves safe

ü  Sociable - children love walking with their friends

ü  Fresh air makes you feel good - exercise makes children calmer and happier, which improves their concentration and helps them to focus in school

ü  Fun and interesting - you get to notice things along the way and meet people