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World Thinking Day


Yesterday, the children that belong to the Scouts group organisations and similar clubs came to school wearing their uniforms to celebrate ‘World Thinking Day’. Taking part in out-of-school activities such as these groups, has proven benefits for children and are shown to help children develop more confidence, friendships and broaden their range of experiences. It was lovely to see that so many children from Moulton belong to one of these groups and demonstrate their commitment by turning up each week to take part.

Parent Meetings are taking place on Tuesday and Thursday next week from 4 - 7pm. These meetings are a really valuable opportunity for parents to meet with teachers to talk about how children are getting on, and we are hoping for a 100% take-up. Please book a slot through ParentMail, or contact the school office if you require a longer appointment or a different date/time.

A strong partnership between home and school is essential to children’s well-being and we are committed to working closely with parents to ensure the very best outcomes. Parents can meet with class teachers whenever concerns are raised, not just on the planned Parent Meeting dates, and teachers will always follow up on messages in the HomeSchool Books.

Responding to parental concerns

All parental concerns are recorded by class teachers and passed on to the Senior Leadership Team who determine if any further actions are required. More serious concerns are dealt with by a member of the SLT and investigated thoroughly; this usually involves talking to children. Feedback is then given to the class teacher and parents are informed where necessary. For further information about the school’s procedures for parental concerns/complaints see the school website:

A member of the Senior Leadership Team is on duty every morning on the school gate and available to discuss any concerns. Parents may also make an appointment to meet with me by contacting the school office. Mrs Bastin