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‘Exchange your Change’ for Penyem School

‘Exchange your Change’ for Penyem School
Over many years now, Moulton Primary has developed a close relationship with the village of Penyem, in The Gambia. Working closely with the Northampton Trustee Fund, we have supported local projects including providing mosquito nets for every household in the village.

After half-term, we will be holding our annual ‘Change Exchange’ event to raise money to fund a classroom in the school for a whole year. We hope to raise £500 which will fund a teacher and all books and supplies. The school relies on charity fundraising to stay open and provide the village children with a primary education.

We would be grateful for any ‘loose change’ that children can collect - no amount is too small as it all adds up! You could even encourage them to look down the sides of the sofa for the odd 5p! Any money needs to come to school by Friday 23rd February.

Friday 9th February 2018 is Mental Health Awareness Day!
All children can come to school wearing something which makes them happy – this may be their favourite outfit, dressing up clothes or even their pyjamas! We are also looking forward to taking part in the Bubble-a-thon, along with lots of other schools in the county to remind children of the importance of talking about our feelings. We will be following this up with a whole day in class – dedicated to talking about feelings and strategies to help us when we are not feeling our best. We look forward to seeing an array of colours on Friday!