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Sports Days

A fantastic week’s weather saw the final two sports days of the year take place.  Wednesday saw the Key Stage 2 children participle in their Fun Sports.  The children had to put their physical skills to 8 games of madness and mayhem devised by their teachers.  We saw scrambling through nets, tennis skills, jumping with rugby balls between legs all for the pursuit of gaining points for their house team.  A fantastic time was had by all and in the end Fire narrowly held off Water to be crowned champions.

The fun continued on Thursday as Foundation stage and Years 1 and 2 competed in their grid games.  They showed off their skills by shimmering through hoops, balancing bean bags on heads and carefully carrying eggs on spoons.  Throughout the morning, the children earnt stickers for demonstrating great sporting qualities such as passion, self-belief and determination.  We finished the morning with a fine display of sprinting in the running races.  Well done to all the children for having a go and putting in lots of effort.

Thank you to all the parents for supporting the event and the staff members who make the events run so smoothly.