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The ‘Hidden’ Curriculum

This is a very busy term in school with the traditional round of summer events. Much of what happens towards the end of a school year forms part of what we call the ‘hidden’ curriculum. This means in addition to the daily routine of English, maths, science etc. In the summer term, children often have more sporting activities and outdoor learning, although this is dependent on the weather, as demonstrated by the recently postponed KS1 sports! They also enjoy the different experiences of trips out of school. In the past few weeks, children have visited Warwick Castle, the Birmingham ThinkTank and our Year 6s are currently on their residential activity holiday to Borreatton Park, in Shropshire (photos: Lucie on the high wire and the canoe group). Different learning experiences help children’s personal, social and emotional development and are an important part of their education. The children react so positively to these activities that the value of this part of the curriculum is very apparent.