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Transition 2017-18

As we approach the final term of the school year, I would like to share the transition arrangements for September. We know that when children are well-prepared for the move to their new classes, they are more likely to have a confident and happy start to the school year and we start our transition planning early to facilitate this.

All classes will be mixed again this year. Reforming the classes contributes to children’s personal, social and emotional development and helps them to learn to cope with change and develop resilience in new situations. It also increases the breadth of their social interactions as they learn and play with a larger group of children, developing relationships and communication skills. This reorganisation of the classes also ensures an equal balance of girls and boys, of different abilities, and children with additional needs, including learning and behaviour. However, all classes in a year group follow the same curriculum and the teachers plan together to ensure that children have the same learning experience. Children will also be grouped together as a year group for some activities and areas of the curriculum.

We do think very carefully about how children are ‘classed’ and we always aim to place them in a supportive friendship group. This does not necessarily mean that a ‘best’ friend is the right child for them to be in class with; sometimes, the best friendships belong on the playground and not in lessons! However, the children will be asked to suggest a few friends that they would like to be with and we plan to make sure that everyone has at least one friend in the new class.

On Wednesday 14th June, the children will be given a letter from their new class teacher telling them about themselves and what it will be like in the new class; they will also be told which other children are in the class. This will be followed by two transition days in their new class: Monday 26th June and Monday 10th July. This should mean that when they return to school in September they feel confident about beginning the new year.