Q: How will the children be evacuated in a fire drill with the work going on around the school? We have amended our school emergency evacuation plans and all classes have practised their routes. We held a whole-school drill yesterday and everyone was out of the school and at the assembly point in excellent time! We will continue to carry out drills regularly and adapt plans as necessary.

Q: Will all the builders and contractors be checked as suitable for working in a school? All contractors will have police checks (DBS) to make sure that there are no Safeguarding issues. The school also has a Contractors on Site Policy which contractors will have to agree to. This covers everything from no talking or interaction with children to no smoking and bad language.

Q: How will children be kept safe from the building site? The first part of the project will be to put secure fencing around the building areas to segregate them from the school. This will provide a physical barrier between the building works and our part of the school.

Q: What is the timeline for the building work? The project begins in the next few weeks with work to build the haul access road. The anticipated completion date of the full project is May 2017.

Q: Will the children be able to use the field during the building works? The areas around the new extension will be fenced off but the rest of the field will be accessible to the children for PE and break times.

Q: Will the environmental garden be made good again once the project is finished? Yes, there are strict regulations to ensure that there is no negative environmental impact following the project. This includes protecting and reinstating the wildlife habitats and any trees and shrubs removed to make way for the access road.

Q: Has there been any consideration regarding additional traffic within Moulton village and source or adequate parking and/or drop off pick up zones for parents? New initiatives have already taken place whereby parents of children in years 3 to 6 can drop off their children at 8.30am; the KS2 playground is now supervised by staff from that time allowing parents to drop and go. There has been positive feedback from parents as this has not only alleviated them having to find parking, but has enabled them to get to work without the rush that we all find ourselves in nowadays.

The Governing Body had the foresight last year to change the School’s Admissions criteria from September 2016 so that the children from the formally designated area, that is the area of Moulton Parish boundary by grid ref: 76.7,67 East to West and 79.6,67 North to South to take priority over those children living outside of the Parish Boundary. It is hoped, with the increase in children coming from Moulton Village, will over time reduce the traffic to/from school.

The School is regularly in consultation with the Parish Council with regards to possible parking areas parents to park. There are currently 160 spaces identified around the village for parents to park. The areas being Parish Church Car Park, The Artichoke Pub in the mornings, The Cardigan Arms in the mornings, Barlow Lane, Stocks Hill Co-op Car Park.

We have had restrictions placed on us by the local pubs, this is due to inconsiderate parking and abuse by parents. Moulton Club has withdrawn the facility altogether.

We ask all parents to be considerate when parking around the village, please do not block driveways, and please adhere to any restrictions placed by the organisations that allow us to use their facilities. If we abuse their generosity we may lose the facility.

Q: How does the school fund the extra things that the new classes will need? The County Council provides a one-off payment of £5,000 for each extra classroom. This is for furniture, fittings and ICT equipment. Schools’ annual budgets are calculated on the number of pupils, so as the school grows, more money is received to provide their education and care.


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