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 Welcome to Foundation Stage at Moulton Primary School


On Friday 10th February Foundation Stage held a Chinese Dragon parade in celebration of their learning about Chinese New Year.


The Jellyfish, Dolphins and Turtles worked together to create a Chinese dragon. We explored a range of creative techniques including paint splatting and collage. We were very proud of the dragon we created!

The children paraded through school, shaking their ribbons and travelling as part of the dragon beneath the decorated sheets. We also used instruments to create music and moved to the music in style. The children were very excited to share their learning with the rest of the school. It was amazing to see the whole school line the corridors to help us celebrate, by cheering and clapping us on.

What a brilliant experience. Well done Foundation Stage! 


Great Team Work Founation Stage! February 2017

Since our parcel from China arrived last week we have really enjoyed learning all about the Chinese New Year celebration.

On Wednesday 8th the Jellyfish, Dolphins and Turtles worked alongside one another. We worked together to design and create our very own dragon to use to perform our very own dragon parade through school on Friday.

We explored paint splitting to design the dragon’s body. We learnt how they are colourful and in class the children thought of how we could add colour to the body. We thought about painting him but thought it would take an awful long time. So went we got outside the adults introduced the children to paint splatting. We had such a great time exploring this technique we loved it. We learnt a lot about how the paint creates lines and shapes when flicked. We noticed many similarities and differences.

We worked hard to keep the paint under control and wore an apron to best protect our clothes... We got little messy but had a great time exploring the paint ... Making memories!

We also created Chinese ribbons outside, which we will hold and shake whilst we conduct our parade.

We have had an amazing morning.

Great work Foundation Stage!


Let's Build ... Houses and Homes (January 2017) 

During our houses and homes topic the children chose to create a building site in the EYFS environment as our new role play area. We decided it would be a great idea to find out what we would need for our building site by looking at the builders working on our new expansion.

We ventured outside to look at the building site had and see what the builders were doing. We found we needed -

Bricks, Cement, Hard hats, High vis-jackets, Diggers, Area for builders to have a break, Tools.

We also noticed that the new school building had improved since we last visited the site. The new school building has now got;

A roof, Walls, Stairs, Door frames, Rooms, Pipes.

But we did notice the building still needs a lot more work before it is finished. We thought of some ideas of what else the building needed;

Windows, More doors, Carpets, Paint, Lights, More walls, Toilets.

We will keep checking to make sure the building is finished on time!


Happy New Year ... 2017

We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas holiday and are looking forward to the exciting year ahead of us.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our festive news with friends when we return to school. 




 Key Information for Parents ... 

We hope that you find the following information helpful for both yourself and your child whist they are with us in Foundation Stage.

P.E. for RA is on a Monday morning, P.E. for RB is on a Tuesday afternoon and P.E for RC is on a Wednesday morning. We ask that all children have their P.E. kit in school for these days. Please could you ensure that you have put your child’s name in their school uniform and P.E Kit. This will help us to ensure that clothing does not go missing. On P.E days could all children who have their ears pierced have jewellery taken out before coming to school.

Part of the Foundation Stage curriculum is that we must allow free access to the outdoor learning environment. Because of this your child will need the appropriate outdoor wear at all times. Please ensure your child is wrapped up warm for the winter months and also has sunhats etc in the summer months.

Phonics and reading are a key skill to children in the foundation stage. The children will be sent home with activities relating to their learning during phonics that week. This will usually relate to the sounds we are learning. As the children become confident in reading they will also be introduced to reading books through our guided reading sessions. The children will usually be sent home with these on the day that they read. We therefore ask that the children's reading books/ wallets are in their book bags every day. This allows for us to swap over books and keep you informed on the progress your child is making with their reading skills. We recommend you read with your child whenever possible, in 5/10 minute sessions. It is helpful if you make comments when you do read with your child as we can see how you child is progressing at home too.

At the end of each half term we will send home a fun maths challenge for your child to complete over the break and will share these within class when we start back at school.

It would be really helpful if all children could be provided with water in a bottle which will be kept in the classroom. The children have access to these whenever they need a drink. This helps to keep them hydrated and ready to learn.

As the children begin full time schooling we would also like to encourage the children to participate in class show and tell. At the start of each term you will receive a topic letter which will provide an overview of the learning which will take place each term. We then ask that show and tell is topic related and supports the children’s learning journey. For example during the Autumn term we will be learning about ‘Ourselves’ – My Body - growth, Healthy living, Families etc, therefore related show and tell could consist of family photographs, baby books, x-rays, growth charts etc. We look forward to sharing more information about our coming topics with you on Tapestry and through our topic letters.


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