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We are all getting very excited in the run up to Christmas and today we have worn some fantastic jumpers!

We all enjoyed pulling our crackers together too, before we enjoyed our Christmas dinner together.

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Diversity Week!

This week we have been thinking about how everybody is different, special and unique. We all took a picture with our family and we created an amazing family tree in our classroom. We also did some brilliant family portraits which we have proudly displayed in the corridor.

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Our Visit from a Beekeeper...

This morning we were visited by Mr White, a local Beekeeper. We were very excited about our visit, and had come up with a range of questions to ask. We learnt so much about the bee life cycle, how honey is made, and all about the different types of bee. We also got to try some honey!

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Diwali Art Work!

Today we made some fabulous, colourful lanterns whilst we were learning about the festival of light, Diwali.

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Online Safety Assembly

Today we had a visit from the NSPCC to tell us all about how we can keep safe online.

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Reptile Visit!

Today we had some very exciting visitors in Year 2.....

As part of our Wriggle and Crawl topic, today we were able to meet a range of unusual and exotic creatures, from giant tortoises to some rather large and wriggly snakes!

Year 2 handled the animals brilliantly and asked a range of interesting questions about the creatures and their habitats.

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